Occasionally, you will find top ten lists or lengthier recommendations as part of blog posts or lessons. Below you will find some more random thoughts and ideas for your pleasure and growth!


I still love the feel of a book in my hands, and book stores and coffee shops are among my favorite places on the planet. Leaders must read. Right now, a few books I am reading include:  Discover Your True North by Bill George and Truman by David McCullough.  Both of these authors are awesome!


It is dangerous, and I do not recommend that you read and drive. Therefore, listen to books digitally. Check out: This is a tremendous option for listening to books digitally, and will keep you much safer on the road.


Have some fun! My kids love Dude Perfect! Okay, I totally do as well! Check out their videos and get a few laughs! I wish my life was as fun as this!


Some people have commented that keeping up with technology is a lot like getting a drink of water from a fire hydrant. I totally agree, but I still try to suck as much water as I can get. Have you heard of Movenote? This is a great application for any device. It really comes in handy if you want to pick out the perfect birthday gift and want to narrate your thoughts while videoing the item! It also makes a nice interface to send a Thank You. Get more information at


Keep a yearly notebook. Write the year across the front cover of the notebook. Then, write in that notebook every book that you read, the author’s name, your reflections on the book. Add to the notebook great ideas you have, and seem to always forget. Add investing tips. Podcast sites to listen to, applications, recipes, etc. Keep this notebook with you as much as possible. You will be absolutely amazed at what you have pondered and read looking back at the end of the year!