Lesson 1: You Are the Composer of Your Life

by | Apr 9, 2016

You Are the Composer of Your Life

Why do we always seem to wait? We wait until we get healthier. We wait until we get a better job. We wait until our spouse gets his/her life together. We wait until we win the lottery. We wait until we feel led or called. We wait until the weekend to have some fun. We wait until we get smarter, thinner, kinder, better . . . We always wait. Why do we wait to become amazing or do amazing things for people? You are the composer of your life.  Stop waiting for someone else to lead your life.  Pick up the baton and start conducting something spectacular. 

Lead Your Life

Nobody can truly lead your life, but you. Even those people around us who love us and desperately care for us cannot really understand what is going on inside our hearts and minds. To wait for an affirmation, a thumbs up, or direction, from even them, could very well lead to a life filled with regret.  It’s your life, how are you going to live it?  Make it something truly awesome – really amazing!

Life can smack you in the face and leave you reeling for air and space. If your life is a shambles don’t blame the paperwork you received, your boss, your family, your lack of skills. When you stop and trace situations back, we always realize that our current state is the sum total of the choices we have made good or bad. Really. This is one reason why wisdom and discernment are so critical, and sadly, rarely pursued.  Leading your life and making it something special does take time and effort.  Anything worthwhile has to be passionately pursued.  The question is will you take the time and effort?  Will you choose to lead your life?  Or, be led?  Make your life something special, make it count.


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A Little Poetry …

You Are the Composer of Your Life

You are the composer of your life.

What song will you create?

Will it be the blues filled with regret

and unfulfilled goals and aspirations?

Or, will it be a spectacular concert in

which each song seems to get better

and better?

The hall is filled to capacity with

people who adore you and want

to thank you for striking chords

in each and every one of their lives.



Homework Points

  1. What song will you create? Make a plan.
  2. What positive actions can you take to begin to move forward?
  3. What book are you reading or listening to? Pursue wisdom.