Lesson 29: Seek Excellence For Yourself and Others Part Two

by | Feb 25, 2017

Live with PASSION

Seek Excellence For Yourself and Others



Strive For Excellence


4. Seek Excellence For Yourself, and Others


What does seeking excellence have to do with achieving a better life? Is it okay to settle into a comfort zone and simply be content with what you have and where you are at? It depends if you are okay with okay. Striving for excellence and bringing others along with you always has positive repercussions. Settling is safe and easy, and in no way aligns with doing life on purpose and living with intentionality. Seek excellence for yourself and others.

Your life just like your relationships have to be cultivated, worked on, and planned for in order to get better and grow. Relationships fail because we often do not take the time to plan dates, reflect on edges of growth, take time to communicate, and purposely ask how can I improve? We think that quality time will make up for quantity time. Untrue. It has to be both to become better. Seeking excellence for yourself and others involves spending quantity time in planning and preparation.

Seeking excellence for yourself and others also includes making sure that everything you do is analyzed carefully to make sure that it is of high quality and well done. Your journey towards excellence is a pretty uncrowded road. Step on the gas and get moving. Seek excellence for yourself, and others.



We are Wired For Community


5. Invest Yourself in Others


People can be obnoxious, annoying, and royal pains. On the other hand, they can be wonderful, captivating, and caring. Either way, we are relational beings. We are wired for community, connection, and relationship. When we choose to go after a better life alone and times get tough – we lose. The easiest way to begin to move forward with a better life is here. Invest yourself in others. Take more time to engage in meaningful conversation with people. Put dates on your calendar in which to send affirming emails or mail cards and notes. Investing in other people is not complicated, but it always involves a level of sacrifice and grace. People may not deserve your overtures of connection and relationship, but it is the right thing to do for you. The 5th way to a better life, and the best place to start, is here – invest yourself in others.


Modeling Love


6. Operate Out of Love


Bear with me. There are plenty of things that people do that I do not like. There are things that my kids do that I do not like. But, for anyone who aspires to a better life, and for those who lead in any capacity – operating out of love has to be a key component. When love is really displayed what often happens is that selfishness dries up while acts of service and kindness rise.

The leader who wanders among her people talking, asking questions, caring, and working alongside is displaying a level of love. The parent who is desperately tired, anxious to slip into a mini coma, but instead, engages meaningfully and genuinely with a child is modeling love. The teacher who gives up her lunch period to spend time sharing with a few students is showing love. Love works. And, yes, as Jefferson Airplane sang long ago, “love hurts.” It can. If you want to move forward with being a PASSIONate person and lead a better life, love is a key ingredient.



Capturing Small Moments


7. No Regrets


This is the shortest phrase of the 7 ways to a better life, but, for me, perhaps the most challenging of all. What does no regrets have to do with achieving a better life? Why include it? I subscribe to you that resolving issues quickly, reconciling with others, harboring no bitterness, and, most of all, capturing as many special, small moments as possible are among the most important characteristics towards a better life. No regrets. To not look back over your shoulder at lost opportunity, to mend fences quickly, to extend yourself in humbleness, and sometimes, in forgiveness is huge.  

It does not matter what people say about you or the rumors they spread as long as you have put your best foot forward and were honest and truthful.

At the end of the day, when your head hits the pillow, rest, knowing that you have done your best. As people grow older, they do not so much regret growing older as they regret not doing more with their life. That’s PASSION. Living without some degree of regret is extremely difficult to do. If living without regret was always in the back of your mind, would it help you remember to be more spontaneous, to have more fun, to do life on purpose? Of course, it would. No regrets.





Live with Intentionality


To lead a better life, apply the 7 principles of PASSION. Implement the 7 ways to a better life and you will lead a life with far less regret. Live with intentionality. Do life on Purpose. Create a masterpiece. You are the composer of your life. Acknowledge everyone, every day. Shine. Wise people are greatly admired both for their thoughts, as well as, for their discernment and temperance. Seek wisdom. If you want a crappy life, set the bar low – expect nothing, and you will absolutely get nothing in return. Seek excellence for yourself, and others. Reach out, care, and be amazing. Invest yourself in others. Love sounds so easy, and seems too touchy-feeling and outside the normal bounds of day-to-day life. Love is hard work. Operate out of love, anyway. No regrets.



The 7 ways to a better life, summed up and remembered by you in one word:








Homework Points

  1. How will you seek excellence?
  2. How will you invest yourself in others?
  3. What do these stand for: P A S S I O N?