Lesson 15: Persistence and Purpose Go Hand In Hand

by | Aug 13, 2016

Persistence and Purpose Go Hand In Hand

Persistence and Purpose Go Hand In Hand



Purpose Drives Persistence 


Even if you have no clue what your purpose is, if you give everything you do with great persistence over time you will reap the benefits of your hard work.  Persistence and purpose go hand in hand.  You have life; therefore, you are sucking air and have a purpose to be fulfilled. 

If you want something bad enough you will work at it even when times get tough.  Your purpose will often drive your persistence.  We have all heard stories about new business owners who literally sleep in their back office day after day.  They take no personal salary, eat little, and devote all they have to getting their business off of the ground.  Mothers and fathers get up before daybreak to work out and prepare for the day so that when their children get up they are healthy for them and ready to help give them a great day.  Hard core athletes get up hours before their jobs to work out and prepare for their personal goals, a big event, a tryout.  Purpose drives their persistence. 


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On the Flip Side


On the flip side, how many people who have been given a small window left to live finally develop an unshakable persistence to make a difference in the lives they come in contact with.  The medical diagnosis while harsh and heart-breaking gives them the purpose they need to live their remaining days with tenacity.  Prior to my father announcing he had mesothelioma, I recall that he would look at me more intently, smile and laugh more heartily, and hug more forcefully.  I was surprised at this change until one day later, he shared how much time he had left on earth.  He wanted to have a full family vacation.  He wanted to tailgate at a Brewers game.  He wanted to have one-on-one dates with each of his sons.  He persisted through his suffering because he was trying to leave a legacy of kindness, care, and connection.  Purpose.

The poem below is about kids.  You may not have little tagalongs, but who are you leading?  If you think that you are leading and nobody is following you – you are just taking a walk.  What if your purpose was to help others shine?  As you enrich other’s lives and help them be their best, they in turn, with enrich you.  You may get addicted to this shining persistence.


Little Shadows


I saw a young mother

With eyes full of laughter

And two little shadows

Came following after.

Wherever she moved,

They were always right there

Holding onto her skirts,

Hanging onto her chair.

Before her, behind her –

An adhesive pair.

Don’t you ever get weary

As, day after day,

Your two little tagalongs

Get in your way?

She smiled as she shook

Her pretty young head,

And I’ll always remember

The words that she said:

“It’s good to have shadows

That run when you run,

That laugh when you’re happy

And hum when you hum –

For you only have shadows

When your life’s filled with sun.”

-Author Unknown



You are Not Superman


The Sun or Sol is a star – an extremely bright and shining star.  The Sun is responsible for all weather and climate on earth, and is also the center of our solar system.  Shining light from the Sun takes eight minutes to reach Earth.  Help others shine like little stars. Maybe you are not remotely like Superman.  Maybe you are just a typical, average person going about their day as best you can.  Does is take that much effort to help others shine?  Persist a little by little each day with stretching yourself to be a superlative person.  You will capture an amazing purpose.  Then, not only will you begin to fly, but, more importantly, you will help others fly as well.


Persistence and Purpose Go Hand In Hand

Maybe you are not remotely like Superman. Maybe you are just a typical, average person going about your day as best you can.  But, if you have a meaningful purpose, it will drive you to do super things!  BE AMAZING!

Homework Points

  1. Who are you leading?  
  2. Who do you help shine?  Everyday?
  3. Live with tenacity of purpose!