Lesson 3: Passionate People Win Part Two

by | Apr 23, 2016

Passionate People Win Part Two


Most Olympic athletes create yearly workout routines, and plan for reaching specific performance goals up to four years out. They often sacrifice years of their high school or college social life because their training schedule is so intense and requires such focus. They push themselves to the limit day in and day out, and usually, need 9-10 hours of sleep to recover, plus a nap somewhere in the day. We know that Olympic athletes are very passionate people. We know that their ultimate goal is to win. They want to win a gold medal so intensely that it consumes their every thought.


Win At Life


Win or lose. Ultimately, they will win at life. The passion required to sacrifice so much, to give up so much – will serve them incredibly well in whatever venture they embark upon, and no matter what life will throw at them. Passionate people win.

Passionate people win because they are willing to plow through the obstacles in their way because they want it bad enough. The “it” can be whatever you want it to be. Health. Weight loss. Promotion. Wonderful children. A lasting legacy. What? What do you want passionately enough? What plan will you create to get there? It does not need to be four years out. Your window of opportunity may be a bit smaller.



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Passionate People Win


Passionate people win in so many different ways. What are you passionate about? Is it possible to develop a plan to become more passionate? Follow the 7 ways to a better life. Passionate people win.


What does PASSION stand for?  Remember, the 7 ways to a better life!






Homework Points

  1. Seek excellence for yourself and others. Set the bar highest for yourself.
  2. Invest yourself in others. Who will you praise today?
  3. Operate out of love. Who can you serve today?
  4. No regrets.