Lesson 2: Passionate People Win Part One

by | Apr 16, 2016

Passionate People Win

Passionate People Win Part One


I hope you understand that I am no expert on mastering the keys to a good life. For one thing, we all have our own definition as to what constitutes a “good” life. My version of a good life may look quite different from yours. And, far beyond that, I have studied and applied the seven ways towards a better life for years, and I still have not figured everything out.


Passion Hurts


But, I have been fortunate enough to watch plenty of people both those who have struggled mightily and those who achieved success. And, in my observations, one key kept popping out for those people who achieved success, seemed more content, and from the outside, had a better life – passion. From watching, reading biographies, and engaging in deep conversation, whenever someone acquired a modicum of success in their career, in their home, in their other interests; they always had a deep seeded burning desire on the inside. They cared so much that it hurt. You have to want something bad enough to laugh, cry, labor and stew over it.  Passion.


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Passionate People Win


We have heard about people whose passion burned so hot that it reduced them to ashes. And other moments, where passion was misdirected, ill-timed, and destructive. This is not the kind of passion we are concerned about here.  Here, we are addressing positive passion.

It does not much matter what the focus of your passion might be, provided it is not damaging to yourself or others. Beyond that, almost anything will do, from the simple to the utterly intricate, because being passionate is about you being your best self, wherever that can be found. Perhaps, you will find it in your job, hobby, relationship, sport, avocation, skill or art. Think about the passion needed to be a brilliant CEO. Think about the passion needed to be a masterful artist or an Olympic athlete. Think about the passion needed to be an incredible parent caring for a disabled child.


Driven to Greatness


Passionate people win because they care so much about what they are doing that it hurts. Passion comes from the Latin verb, ‘patior’ which means to suffer. Initially, being passionate is much more difficult, but ultimately, it will create a richer, deeper and more meaningful life. Passionate people win because that suffering intensely drives them to greatness.




Homework Points

1. Purpose. What steps are you going to take to do life on purpose?
2. Acknowledge everyone, every day. Who are you going to start with?
3. Seek wisdom. Start with listening.