Lesson 20: Learn How to Control Your Attitude

by | Oct 22, 2016


Learn How to Control Your Attitude 


When it comes to success, it’s often easy to think that people who have achieved are just plain lucky.  Or, that some people are just smarter, more connected, or given more opportunities than the rest of us.  The reality is that the most critical step you can take towards achieving a passionate, purposeful, and successful life is to learn how to control your attitude.  You need to learn how to control your attitude or it will control you.


A crappy attitude will wind up leaving your life in the toilet!


Learning how to control your attitude is one of the most important steps you can take to positively impact your life.  Really.  Your attitude will impact your personal performance, relationships and everyone around you.


5 Strategies to Control Your Attitude and Change Your Life


  1. Adopt the Attitude of Yes. Have you seen the movie, Yes Man, with Jim Carey?  It’s a movie so obviously it goes way beyond normal limits.  However, the idea of opening yourself up to opportunities, being available, approachable, and enthusiastic about getting involved is key.  In other words, when someone asks for your help – the answer should be “Yes.”  Can you help me with this project – “Yes.”  Do you want to go for a walk – “Yes.”  The more willing you are to help, be kind, be available, get involved and reach out, the more opportunities, the more relationships, the more your influence will grow.


  1. Adopt the Attitude of Gratitude.  I know that you know this one.  But, it has to be here and a key component of your life changing plan.  Being thankful for what you have, even if you think it is not enough, goes a long way towards receiving more.  You are owed nothing in this life.  You will only receive more if you genuinely care, serve, reach out, and are appreciative of everything you have right now.



  1. Adopt the Attitude of Affirmation.  The number one reason why people leave their position within any organization is due to a lack of affirmation.  I contend that the biggest reason why relationships fail is also due to lack of affirmation.  “He never said, Thank You.”  “She never said, I appreciate you.”  “He never said that I am beautiful.”  “She never said that I am a hard worker, and provide well for our family.”  If you adopt the attitude of affirmation with everyone in your sphere of influence, you will           become a person of uncommon influence and connection.


                People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.  John Maxwell


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  1. Adopt the Attitude of Final Words.  I love this idea.  Imagine if you and I adopted the attitude of final words similar to the final scene in an incredible movie.  What will be the final words someone will remember after talking with you?  What are the final words your people will remember at the end of a meeting?  Imagine leaving a date with the final words, “You look stunning tonight.”  Or, whisper in your daughter’s ear when tucking her in bed, “Did you know that you are brilliant and beautiful.”  Or, close a meeting with “Thank you for your time today.  I value your contributions, honesty, and level of risk taking!  And, as Porky Pig used to say in Looney Tunes, Bleep,bleep, bleep, that’s all folks!”




  1. Adopt the Attitude of Inclusivity.  You do realize that including someone in your tight circle is all about attitude?   Of course it is.  Adopt the attitude of inclusivity and be welcoming, approachable, and kind to everyone.    Everyone.  Don’t just be kind to those people who you know or those who will help move your career up the ladder.  You want your circle of influence to grow at all levels.  You want to be the kind of person that everyone admires.


          Be the kind of person others want to be around


Opportunities Will Come Your Way


Opportunities  tend to happen to those people who have controlled their attitude by adopting positive traits.  Your life will change if you are known for an attitude of inclusivity.  Planning your meeting remarks and encounters in such a way that your final words have meaning and impact will change a culture.  People will tend to surround you if subconsciously they know that you lift their morale and live life with a grateful heart.  And, no matter how dog tired you are, saying yes to those you love and lead always, always makes a massive impact.


I intended to keep this article short.  It’s not.  Actually, I could easily write many more pages that is how important this piece really is.  Adopt these 5 strategies, control your attitude, and you absolutely will change your life!  I wish you well!


Learn How to Control Your Attitude

Learn how to control your attitude and direct your life in extraordinary ways!  Being exceptional begins in your head.




Homework Points

  1. What would people change about you if they could?
  2. Which strategy are you going to implement?
  3. Which strategy will you share with others?