Lesson 26: Goals Are Nothing Until You Believe

by | Jan 14, 2017

Goals Are Nothing Until You Believe

Goals Are Nothing Until You Believe



The Great Michelangelo


Goals are nothing until you first believe in yourself.  According to an ancient story, when the great Michelangelo started out, he was not viewed as so great.  His own generation scoffed at him and virtually ignored all of his work.  But Michelangelo believed in himself and had great faith in his ability.


At that time, people were fascinated whenever someone excavated ancient sites and dug up supposedly priceless works of art.  Michelangelo stained one of his pieces and then buried it in a location that he knew an excavating party was sure to find it.  They did.  They heralded the piece a work of astonishing beauty and rare value.  The Cardinal of San Giorgio was so enthralled that he paid a large sum to acquire it for his own collection.



The Great Michelangelo


Michelangelo came forward and confessed his ruse.  The art critics and collectors were stunned.  They were forced to admit that Michelangelo was a brilliant artistic genius.



Belief Strong Enough to Overcome


I am not advocating that you lie, cheat, or be deceptive.  However, if you do not have faith and believe in yourself, nobody else will.  We like to hope that our loved ones and mate will be enthusiastic supporters and encouragers.  In reality, they often do not fully comprehend the passion, hopes, and dreams that you have.  You have to believe in you far more than everybody else combined because when the going gets tough, and it will, you alone must possess enough tenacity to make your belief in yourself strong enough to overcome.


Walt Disney


Walt Disney the innovator, creator, and artistic genius himself, was told that he “lacked creativity.”  Albert Einstein was considered “slow” and a “bad example” for the rest of his class.  By all accounts, Abraham Lincoln was a failure at everything he tried with the exception of his presidency.  He was called a “daydreamer” and was told that he “asked foolish questions.”  People often do not believe in others do they?


Thomas Edison Was “Too Stupid”


Thomas Edison was pulled out of school and was home schooled by his mother because his teacher said that he was “too stupid to learn.”  Pathetic.  When Edison died years later at the age of 84, the entire United States honored him in a special way.  At exactly 9:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, every home in America turned off its lights for one minute, as a tribute to the man who invented those lights.


Edison believed in himself.  Edison, the stupid, had over a thousand patents to his credit including the lightbulb, the record player, the typewriter, and the motion picture movie projector.  He changed the very social fabric of America.


Give Away a Million Dollars


Think about all of the goals that people set for themselves.  We make goals to lose 10 pounds or to gain 10 pounds.  We make goals to make a million dollars and to make enough to give away a million dollars.  From the small and intricate to the massive and arduous, we make a myriad of goals.  Ultimately, any goal will fail unless it is most ardently believed in by the creator.  The creator must believe in herself first, and then take action on those goals she created.


Believing in yourself can start right now.


Goals Are Nothing Until You Believe

Goals Are Nothing Until You Believe



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Life is Never Perfect


Goals are nothing until you first believe in yourself.  Live your life with passion and purpose and without regret.  Don’t wait until your life is aligned and perfect because life never is perfect.  People worry, fret and are anxious.  Movement always creates friction and action casts out fear.  Just begin.


Don’t be afraid that your life will end.  Be afraid that it will never begin.

-Grace Hansen




Homework Points

  1. Where are you going to begin?
  2. How will you hold yourself accountable?
  3. Make a plan and start small!