Lesson 16: Express Yourself, From Podcasts to Slideshows

by | Aug 27, 2016

Express Yourself, From Podcasts to Slideshows

Express Yourself:  From Podcasts to Slideshows


3 Outstanding Ways to Create Slideshows


Maybe it is because school is getting closer and closer here in Wisconsin.  The advertisements and commercials have been beckoning people to wrap up their school shopping.  New freshmen college students are anxious and ready to go.  All this has heightened my awareness of something that I have been doing for a while in my profession – slideshows.  I would like to share with you 3 outstanding ways to create slideshows.

Before I get to these 3 outstanding ways to create slideshows, a few comments about purpose and function of slideshows.  Most people use slideshows totally incorrectly.  If you are giving a presentation of any kind, the focus should be on you and not your slides.  A slideshow is supposed to enhance your presentation in some way, not be the presentation.  Perhaps your slides are used for comic relief or to display complicated data that would be impossible to explain otherwise.  Slides should be used with outstanding visuals and basic key words.  Slideshows are like a super basic outline to give people a simple overview.  For example, I often use slideshows for a trio of ideas.  One, I use them to share quotes to embellish a point.  Two, I use them to share the theme of my presentation and key takeaways.  Three, I use them to share key contact information.  There are many other ways I use slideshows, but that is a place to start.


We Live in a Very Visual World


We live in a very visual world, most children these days are visual learners.  Slides with excellent visuals will help the information stick in your audience minds both kids and adults.  Try not to use emoticons.  If you can use your own photos – awesome!  Remember, thousands of people search the internet every day for cool images.  How unique will your visuals look?  Can you find some outstanding pictures or load some of your very own!  Can you pop in a short Youtube video or short movie clip?

I apologize if this lesson does not apply to you because you have never created a slideshow.  There is always a first time to start, even just for fun!  And, any one of the three recommended slideshows would make a great recommendation to a friend or any learner.


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Again, In No Particular Order:


  1. Haikudeck –  I love Haikudeck for two main reasons.  It is so easy to use.  It is idiot proof.  The application will not allow you to create slides with tons of words.  They have no templates that allow for it!  They believe that slides should primarily draw your into your presentation via cool visuals.  Therefore, Haikudeck has a built in search engine with a mega database of visuals.  All of the visuals that I have used for Haikudeck have been free, but they have others that you could pay for.  I use Haikudeck with an iPad.  And, all of my slideshows are saved in the cloud.  There is also a function to share the slideshow publicly, privately, you could email it to a group or yourself.  I created a 15 slide Haikudeck last week while my family was watching television.  It took me about 20 minutes!  I have used Haikudeck for staff meetings, and people are very impressed with how captivating the visuals are on a ten foot screen.  Nice.  Check out this outstanding unique way to create a slideshow!



  1. Visme – is my latest discovery regarding slideshows.  Although, to be honest, I was first drawn to Visme because I was looking for a cool format to create infographics!  Visme is more robust than Haikudeck in terms of functionality, options, ability to create, embed videos and other content, and is a tool that can create infographics and reports.  Visme is quickly garnering greater and greater attention, and as a company is expanding.  This tool I have just begin to use, but the prospects excite me for sure.



  1. emaze – I discovered through my high school son.  A few months ago, he sat down to do a presentation, and got up 40 minutes later with something totally unique.  Emaze has really outstanding templates, and even allows for 3D applications.  Emaze is also growing by leaps and bounds, and has well over 5 million users to date.  My kids and I use emaze through Chrome devices or (in my case) through a desktop site.  Emaze can be tailored for education or business with different templates and graphics to accommodate either approach.



Express yourself, from podcasts to slideshows.  Really.  Podcasts are a tremendous way to seek wisdom, grow, learn about leadership, learn about the world.  Slideshows are a great way for people to notice you.  They will absolutely help you stand out and not be a lemming!  Practice them over and over and over again – even on your own and in the quietness of your own house.  Eventually, you will gain confidence and become willing to do a presentation to a larger audience.

Stand out!  Be different!  Express yourself via slideshows so amazingly that people will not forget!











Homework Points

  1. What 3 podcasts do you love?
  2. What slideshow platform do you use and love?
  3. What other podcasts would you recommend?