Lesson 14: Be Wise and Share Your Thinking

by | Jul 30, 2016

Be Wise and Share Your Thinking With Others

Be Wise and Share Your Thinking


The Power of Shared Thinking


Good thinkers, especially those who are also good leaders, realize the power of shared thinking.  They know that when they value the thoughts and ideas of others, they receive the compounding results of shared thinking and accomplish more than they ever could on their own.  When ego and pride get in the way, we have a tendency to try to go solo, but that is unwise.  Ultimately, you will be far wiser when you share your thinking with others.


Shared thinking is faster than solo thinking.  We live in a truly fast-paced world.  Our rhythms are rushed rapid-fire and relentless.  We rush through our days with a myriad of technologies to help us be more efficient and better multi-taskers.  We rarely stop to pause, reflect, and deeply engage with others because we want to move forward to bigger and better tasks and events.  Yet, because of this crazy rate of speed is exactly why we need to not go it alone.  Working with others is a lot like giving yourself a shortcut.  And no, I do not believe that there is an app for this!  If you want to learn a new skill quickly, you can always learn much more quickly from someone with experience.  Most people realize that it is much wiser to learn a new skill like golf, cooking, video editing, from others than by yourself.


Shared Thinking is More Innovative


Believe it or not, shared thinking is far more innovative and creative than solo thinking ever will be.  We tend to think of great thinkers and innovators as solo acts, but really, their greatest thoughts were inspired by others.  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, the Wright brothers – all of them, shared a host of ideas with like-minded individuals long before they ever became significant.

No CEO creates a great company in a vacuum.  No coach creates a great team in a vacuum.  In other words, the process for growth and change, the plans for new initiatives, the blueprint on how to go from point A to point B – all of it, is first shared with the stakeholders.  The stakeholders may push back, but this friction can create an even better recipe to reshape the vision and/or to solidify the resolve that the plan is solid.  Be wise and share your thinking with others. 


We All Have Our Blind Spots


As perfect as you and I both are, unfortunately, we are not nearly perfect enough!  We all have our blind spots and areas of inexperience.  Therefore, when we are unwilling to share our thinking with others we may never uncover these blemishes until it is too late.  I have hired many people.  Occasionally, someone in an interview will try and cover up their shortcomings by feeding the interview team a carefully crafted line.  I have gotten very good at seeing through this tactic.  The interviewee would have done much better to share their current reality and their future plans to grow.  It is always wiser to share your thinking, and the truth, with others.


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Shared thinking shows a level of maturity much more than solo thinking.  Shared thinking implies that I have some great experiences, but not all the same experiences as you have.  So, if we can combine our backgrounds, together we will be much stronger and smarter.  If you think that you can become a jack of all trades, in reality, you will be a master of none.  It is mathematically impossible.  How many multiple sport professional athletes are there? 


Accepting sincere feedback and advice is a sign of a mature person.  But, this is very hard to do for many, isn’t it?  Too bad.  To accept good advice is a sign of wisdom.  Remember, there is a major difference between accepting sought after counsel versus another’s opinion.  Opinions are often unsolicited, and given in a less than discerning way.  Accepting good advice is a result of shared thinking and meaningful discussions with others.


Which would you rather be known for?


Stubborn, Know-It-All 


 Wise, Collaborative, Thinker



Be wise and share your thinking!



Believe it or not, shared thinking is far more innovative and creative than solo thinking ever will be.  We tend to think of great thinkers and innovators as solo acts, but really, their greatest thoughts were inspired by others.  Be wise and share your thinking.











Homework Points

  1. Who do you know that is wise?
  2. How much time will you allot to grow wiser?
  3. Do you accept feedback?