Lesson 28: Aspire to be a Person of Confidence With Enchantment

by | Feb 14, 2017

Aspire to be a Person of Confidence

Aspire to be a Person of Confidence With Enchantment



Aspire to be a Person of Confidence With Enchantment


Aspire to be a person of confidence with enchantment.  But, I am not remotely confident and the thought scares me.  What if you did aspire to be a person of confidence?  Being enchanting would be pretty powerful.  What a great word!  Suffice it say right now, that being an engaging person who enchants others, is a perfect place to start.



Guy Kawaski Enchants


Guy Kawaski, former leader at Apple with Steve Jobs, has written some really interesting reads.  Among his books includes The Art of the Start and The Macintosh Way.  My personal favorite is Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.  One of the tenets he argues is that being a person who is enchanting will draw people towards you, help you get promoted, increase the number of your admirers, and cause you to have more opportunities.


It is easy to see how being enchanting and being engaging work together.  When people are drawn towards you and you get promoted how could you not develop a stronger sense of confidence?  When people listen to you and doors open for you, will your confidence grow?






I stumbled upon another interesting read by Sally Hogshead called Fascinate.  Hogshead has given TEDTalks and has appeared on shows like Marie Forleo, and others, essentially, teaching how to capture hearts and minds through being a person who fascinates.  This is another interesting concept very much related to developing self-confidence.


Imagine being looked at by others with a sense of awe and wonder.  Imagine walking into a room and engaging all those around you both in word and deed.  Confidence grows out of repeatedly capturing attention and often being willing to stand out. 


Fascinate and enchantment may seem like words that are a little bit over-the-top.  If they bother you, and the word engagement bothers you, consider other options.  Perhaps, just try to be focused in the moment, interesting, and happy.


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Aspire to be a Person of Confidence With Enchantment


If you aspire to be a person of confidence with enchantment begin by being zoned in on others.  Use hand gestures, smile, nod, and give people outstanding eye contact.  Try not to talk about the weather or complain about anything, pay genuine compliments, and interesting stories.  If 100 people were asked to share 10 adjectives related to confidence, I would be willing to surmise that ‘happy’ would appear on every list.  Confidence and happiness are cousins.


Be happy and your confidence will grow.







Homework Points

  1. What is your plan to engage others?
  2. Practice talking and looking in front of a mirror.
  3. How can you enchant?