Lesson 22: Amazing People Dare to Be Different

by | Nov 19, 2016

Be a Person of Uncommon Attraction

Amazing People Dare to Be Different


Why do you care so much about what people think of you?  Within reason, who really cares?  Why do you care what the waitress thinks of your ordering dessert for dinner?  Or, splitting one meal two ways?  It is not that you are cheap.  It is that the portions sizes can be ridiculous for one person to consume.  Why do you care what people think of you and your daughter skipping through the zoo?  Amazing people dare to be different.


In Blog 6 you read about conformity leads to mediocrity or worse.  The idea is that average becomes average because we all want to fit in and not stand out.  We become lemmings.  No.  Stand up.  Stand out.  But, for the right reasons and in the right ways.  Yes, I can stand out by being covered in ink and piercings, but I will attract nobody.  I will repel.  I can stand out by yelling at a referee during a game, but again, I will repel.  I can stand out by not showering, being rude, obnoxious, dressing in unusual ways, eating weird foods, driving odd vehicles, not taking care of personal property or my home, and on and on and on.


Now then, amazing people dare to be different for the right reasons and in the right ways.  They don’t just talk about taking risks, they actually do it.  They know that they need to have an emotional backbone to take the inevitable onslaught of people attacking their ideas and their passions. They are often very kind, totally composed, well put together, polite, and totally cool.


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Spin Off Into a New Circle


Most people want you to be a neutron.  They do not want you to stand out, be different and be attractive.  However, you will have far more fun, be far more influential, if you become an aberrant electron.  Spin off into a new circle, capture attention, and stand out.



I have planned most of my articles out many weeks in advance.  Ironically enough, I just picked up Sally Hogshead’s book, Fascinate, at the library.  She claims to scientifically prove how to help me and you fascinate others!  I can’t wait to dig in.  I thought this interview with Marie Forleo was really well done and will give a sneak peak into the power of fascination – another way to view being different or attractive!





Sounds Like Electrify to Me!


Can I capture the interview in a word?  Electrify.  I don’t have all the research and a studio behind me supporting my claim for you to be electric.  Like you, I have years of feeling the pressure to conform, and certainly, in some ways, I have.  I also have years of experience watching you and everyone around you standing pat, being neutral, being boring, being vanilla and being unattractive.  Change can be electric.  Change can happen quickly and incredibly if you want it to badly enough.  Don’t wait for a lightning bolt for you to become electric because then you would be dead!  Amazing people dare to be different for the right reasons and in the right ways!  Go ahead – I dare you!


Amazing People Dare To Be Different

Electrify. Fascinate. You have more skills and more amazing qualities than you think. Want it. Believe it. Step forward.





Homework Points

  1. In what ways are you electric?
  2. Compare being different for the right reasons versus wrong.
  3. Who do you lead?  Who do you fascinate?