Lesson 13: Amazing Affirming Words Can Change Lives

by | Jul 8, 2016

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones


Amazing Affirming Words Can Change Lives


Amazing affirming words can change lives.  Amazing affirming words can change your life.  Did you know that you speak more to yourself than to any other person or group of people on the planet?  You speak to yourself in your head, in front of the mirror, in the car, in the elevator, on the sidewalk, while you are out jogging, while you are cooking, while you are cleaning – you speak to yourself all the time.  You have the power to affirm yourself by your very own words.  Cool?


Maybe cool.  Maybe scary.  If you have the power to influence and affirm yourself for the better, you also have the capacity to influence yourself for the worse.  Your words can lead you down a path of depression, suicide, abuse, theft, self-harm.  This is why I was so adamant about what I wrote in regards to seeking wisdom  in Blog 2, and even more important, the concept of garbage in and garbage out in Blog 7.  You have ridiculous and crazy power to affect your life and lives of others through your words.


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Do Not Freak Out


Your words can start your day off awesomely or horrendously.  It can be that simple.  In the middle of winter, I was going through a really tough spot.  Even though, I was told by everyone that I was doing really impressive things, the wolves were circling furiously.  I rarely slept well.  I would get up really early in a foul and unhappy mood.  I was a jerk both to myself and my wife and kids.  One night I was watching a movie and a phrase in that movie resonated with me, ‘Don’t freak out.’  It’s stupid really.  Three simple words made me realize that I was freaking out over a situation that I had limited control over.  And, only I had the power to stop.  Just me.  Alone.


Affirming Words Can Affect Lives


I made the choice to get up and be more cheerful.  I would sit on the edge of the bed and recite positive messages in my head over and over.  I tried harder to compliment my wife and kids.  I tried harder to be thankful, kinder, and affirming.  One day, my middle school daughter rushed past, and I said, “Hey girl, that outfit is totally adorb” (short for adorable!).  She absolutely beamed from ear to ear.  One word with incredible power, adorb.  She had a great day that day.  Affirming words can affect lives.



                                       Amazing Affirming Words Can Change Lives



Songs Can Change Lives


Many songs are made up of words.  I find music to be very, very moving.  The other night I was cranking some music.  My son came over because he thought it was way too loud since he could hear it through my headphones!  But a couple songs later, and a pulled muscle by my head banging, a new song shuffled on.  This song was much quieter and peaceful.  I reached to skip forward, but could not quite click it.  Instead, I hit repeat and began to write.

A few years ago, I came across this virtual choir that I want to share with you below.  It totally moved me.  The words spoke to me.  Perhaps, you will like it as well?  Please feel free to share other clean and awesome music via the comment section or by dropping an email.



Amazing Affirming Words Can Change Lives (Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir – – – Sleep)




When people ask you how you are feeling tell them the following, “I am great, but getting better.”  Even if you do not feel it, keep saying it, and over time it will become your reality.  People often say, ‘have a great day’ as if that phrase alone will make it so.  Despite all of your troubles, heartache, and stress if you want to have a great day, only you can make it happen.  You must tell yourself amazing affirming words.  Really.  If you Google ways to praise people, there are hundreds of options.  All of the options can apply to you, as well.  Fantastic.  Outrageous.  Amazing.  Plush.  Ridiculous.  Adorb.  Be specific with what you tell yourself and others.  Words absolutely matter.  Bash me over the head with a stick or throw a stone at my back, but please don’t cut me to ribbons with your words.  Amazing affirming words will change lives, including yours.


Amazing Affirming Words Change Lives

Amazing affirming words change lives! This is so true – make people feel special and you will not be forgotten.




Homework Points

  1. What affirming words are you going to use?
  2. How have you hurt others with your words?
  3. Fantastic?  Plush?  Incredible?  Amazing?