Lesson 36: 8 Sweet Summer Applications For Your Travels and Fun

by | May 27, 2017

8 Sweet Summer Applications For Your Travels and Fun

8 Sweet Summer Applications For Your Travels and Fun



8 Sweet Summer Applications


I have compiled a short list of 8 sweet summer applications for your travels and fun.  Are there a ton of summer applications out there?Probably.  However, each one of these is designed for a specific purpose and could really assist you in a variety of ways.  I like to keep things short and sweet.  Are these apps only related to summer?  No.  But, a couple of the summer applications listed here are definitely more needed during that time than any other time of year!  



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Check Out These 8 Sweet Summer Applications:


  1. Spotify.  My son has gotten me hooked on Spotify.  It is a really cool application.  Music matters.  And, sometimes, music makes all of the difference in creating a sweet summer ambience.
  2. Pandora.  Personally, I have used Pandora for years.  I still like it, and have not fully switched over to Spotify.  Maybe I won’t. Either way, whether you are driving long distances, sitting on the beach, sipping a rum punch on a deck – having background music play is a great way to spend some time.
  3. Audubon Birds Pro.  This application costs a little bit of money.  As the name implies, it will help you identify hundreds and hundreds of birds.  What a great learning tool!
  4. GPS Essentials.  Knowing where you are and how to get home, wherever that home happens to be, is a good thing!  Right?  
  5. First Aid American Red Cross.  Hopefully, nobody you are traveling with gets injured or hurt, but somebody else may around you.  Or, maybe, you get so sun burnt that you don’t know what to do!  
  6. Weather Timeline and Dark Sky.  Knowing the weather can make a huge difference for your plans for the day or evening!  This is an excellent app to help you with today’s weather and a longer range forecast.
  7. EPA Sunwise UV Index.  How hot is the sun?  How much sunscreen should you apply?  Useful.
  8. 7 Minute Workout.  There are several versions of this application.  There is very good science behind this philosophy.  Will you work up a sweat in 7 minutes?  Yes.  I used to use this application while working far from home and living out of a hotel room. The hotel did not have a weight room.  I used to do 2 or 3 rounds of the 7 minute workout from my hotel room!






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Homework Points

  1. Which of these Apps did you download?
  2. Which have you already used?
  3. What do you think of the 7 Minute Workout?