Lesson 24: 7 Outstanding Events That Make You Smile Inside and Out

by | Dec 17, 2016

7 Outstanding Events That Make You Smile

7 Outstanding Events That Make You Smile Inside and Out


Smile!  In Dale Carnegie’s classic and amazing book, How To Win Friends and Influence People, one of his tips is to smile!  What a concept!  In the previous blog I wrote about the 5 surprises that make you yell “score,” – strong feelings about really unexpected and cool events.  For this lesson, I want to focus on a similar theme, but with a little less intensity!  I hope you enjoy reading about these 7 outstanding events that make you smile inside and out.  Maybe none of these 7 events will win you any extra friends, but a little joy for you is a great place to start!

Be sure to comment about some of your reasons that make you smile.


7 Outstanding Reasons to Smile



Smile #1:  Peppermint Mochas


Do I need to write more?  Alright, I will.  It is like a meal all by itself.  Really, I think it is a drink that should stick around all year, but I understand the marketing behind it.  I bought one of these once while I was waiting for a large conference keynote to get underway.  It turned out that the speaker was really boring, but I really didn’t care – I had my mocha that I was savoring with delight!


Peppermint Mochas

Smile #1 Peppermint Mochas


Smile #2:  Discovering a New Show


You know what I mean.  As a family we never watch television.  I mean why bother with commercials and inappropriate ads.  A couple of years ago my wife and I really enjoyed watching White Collar.  Then, we stumbled upon Leverage.  That was a very clean, and really fun show.  My kids enjoyed watching Psych – I am not a fan.  Now, we are burning through Person of Interest.  I’ve heard Crown is good.  We just discovered Good Eats.  Alton Brown is brilliant.  What’s your favorite show?


Smile #3:  Walking into a Sale


This is the best.  I really am not fond of shopping.  So, when I need clothes, I don’t mess around.  I might buy three pair of dress pants at one time.  Walking into a sale for clothes or items that I was going to buy regardless is awesome!  You know what I mean!


Smile #4:  Going Home to Peace and Quiet


On rare occasion, I get home to find a peaceful and quiet house.  What an hour alone to myself?  What in the world am I going to do with all of that free time?!  Maybe, I should just sit in the middle of the kitchen floor on a pillow and soak in the solitude!  Nap?  Grab a microbrew and sit on the deck.  Big smile!


Smile #5:  An Unexpected Dessert


I love this!  Teasingly saying to the cook, “I could totally go for dessert!”  And then, to find out that there really is dessert!  Sweetness!  Has this ever happened to you?  My wife has surprised my family many times, I am happy to share.  A while back, I was at my in-laws house and commented that I could really go for a walnut covered brownie with coconut explosion ice cream.  My mother-in-law lit up and said, “Well Don, that is exactly what I have for you!”  Nice!


An Unexpected Dessert

Smile #5 An Unexpected Dessert


Smile #6:  Speedy Ticket Baby!


Have you ever had a car fly past you on the freeway, only to get pulled over by the police miles down the road for speeding?  Oh, how sad!  We shouldn’t smile about this, should we?  But, I just cannot help it!


Smile #7:  Oops!  Order Take-Out!


Have you ever experienced something terrible that happened to the planned meal that you were not looking forward to eating?  Then, you had to go out to dinner or order take-out!  Growing up, we all desperately wished that my dad’s meals went up in flames whenever he tried cooking!  That was always something worth smiling about.


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Homework Points

  1. What Makes You Yell “Score?”
  2. What Makes You Smile?
  3. What Else?  Please share!