Lesson 23: 7 Life Changing Abilities of Gratitude

by | Dec 3, 2016

7 Life Changing Abilities of Gratitude

7 Life Changing Abilities of Gratitude



Abilities Are Like Attitudes


Abilities are like attitudes in that we can choose to use our abilities to their full potential or we can squander and misuse our skills.  Likewise, we can choose to cultivate and display positive, caring, uplifting and outrageous attitudes or we can stay dour and negative.  Abilities and attitudes must be developed, nurtured, and intentionally worked on over and over and over again.  There are at least 7 life changing abilities of gratitude that if cultivated will help you be more awesome.  These 7 life changing abilities of gratitude, once mastered, will help you live an amazing life.


7 Life Changing Abilities of Gratitude


  1. Ability of Existence. If you are reading this or listening to this, then you exist and have a purpose to fulfill.  I don’t know what your purpose is, but I do know that it is much more profound than your taking up space and sucking up oxygen.  Be grateful to be alive.


  1. Ability to Discover. Human beings are remarkable.  Have you ever hiked to a point that allowed you to see fall colors, massive canyons, gorgeous views?  Your sense of sight discovered great beauty.  Have you ever stopped and listened to the outdoors?  Insects humming, water gurgling, branches snapping, leaves rustling – your sense of sound tuned in and discovering.  Does your wife’s perfume awaken your sense of smell?  We have the ability to discover, and appreciate those discoveries, unlike any other being.  Be grateful for the ability to discover.


Ability to Discover

Ability to Discover


  1. Ability to Connect. One of the best parts about being a passionate and caring person is the ability to invest your life in others.  Babies that experience little to no touch as they develop often wind up with major issues.  As an adult, you can certainly choose to disconnect yourself from others, but at your own peril.  You will become lonely and miserable.  The ability to connect is something to not only be grateful for, but to celebrate!


  1. Ability to Influence. In a relational world, the ability to influence others, while often challenging and stressful, is something to be grateful for.  Why?  Your ability to influence others in a positive way can have ripple effects and create an amazing legacy for you and others.  Be grateful that you have the ability to influence.


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  1. Ability to Choose. The ability to choose is, of course, the human paradox.  Right or wrong?  Good or evil?  We are not robots.  We have minds of our own that can choose all sorts of options.  This is why in earlier blogs I have written about wisdom and discernment.   The chances of your choosing a wiser option goes up if you are discerning, thoughtful, and more in tune with listening to direction and feedback.  The ability to choose is something to be very grateful for each and every day.


  1. Ability to Feel. The ability to feel, at times, is heart-breaking and painful.  We wish we couldn’t feel the pain of loss or the sorrow over death.  At other moments, though, the thrill of accomplishment, the gentle touch and cu of a baby, the adrenaline of victory makes us feel so alive that we could take on the world.  The ability to feel is something we should wake up being thankful for with every step.


  1. Ability to Adapt. I am so thankful for the ability to adapt.  I can choose to rethink, reframe, and redo my life IF I want to.  So do you!  It is quite possible for you to learn and apply each of these seven abilities.  Then, if you choose, you can completely change your life!  You can begin again!  You can start over!  Or, you can continue, but so much better than before!



7 Life Changing Abilities of Gratitude

Master these 7 life changing abilities of gratitude, and look out world – you will BE AMAZING!



7 Life Changing Abilities of Gratitude – Use Them and BE AMAZING!

Homework Points

  1. What 3 things are you thankful for?
  2. How does gratitude change your attitude?
  3. Which abilities will you master?