Lesson 30: 5 Presentation Tools For Outstanding Audience Engagement

by | Mar 11, 2017

5 Presentation Tools

5 Presentation Tools For Outstanding Audience Engagement



5 Presentation Tools For Outstanding Audience Engagement



I use 5 presentation tools for outstanding engagement of my audience.  This audience includes  anywhere from 25 professionals in a seminar type setting to 165 people in an auditorium type situation.  Although, I have been to many conferences where the keynote presenter has spoken to 1,000 people or more, and I think to myself that he would have benefited greatly by adding at least two of my recommendations.


You may not be a presenter or desire to be one – no problem.  Still, hang with me until the end.  Several of my recommended presentation tools will enhance your day-to-day life.  Other tools would also make outstanding gifts.  Here we go!



5 Presentation Tools For Outstanding Audience Engagement:


  1. iPad Pro 9.7 Inch.  The iPad is just so easy to use.  I connect the iPad to an adapter and then to a projector.  I use it display Haikudeck slideshows.  I use it to display video clips, quotes, cool images and outlines.  Plus, I can snap pictures of my audience during breaks, before and after the presentation and surprise them in front of the group.  This can greatly enhance engagement and laughter.  The ability to take pictures quickly and connect them to the topic is an outstanding asset for the presenter.
  2. Ipevo iZiggi HD Wireless Document Camera.  This is a newer tool to my presentation success toolbox.  I wish that I would have thought of it way earlier.  Having a document camera hooked up and ready to go allows the presenter to call on audience members to display related artifacts.  This is especially powerful if you are presenting over the course of multiple days so you can ask people to bring items in share (poems, pictures, data, rare jewelry, precious metals).
  3. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400.  This is a cheap and must have presentation tool.  Do you put on sales presentations? Marketing presentations?  The built in functionality and range of the pointer is awesome by itself.  The ability to advance slides without being on top of the iPad or laptop is a winner, winner, chicken dinner for sure!
  4. DB Power T20 1500 Lumens Projector.  Yes, most places have a projector for your use as a presenter.  However, I never like getting caught with my pants down, and so I bring this projector along for the ride.  It has come in very handy.  Sometimes, the image coming out of a borrowed projector is pretty lousy.  Also, projectors like this are outstanding tools to display family photos and engage your whole family!
  5. Altec Lansing VS4621 Octane Speakers or Insignia Speakers with Subwoofer.  If you seriously want to foster outstanding engagement have amazing sound!  I have used Insignia speakers for years with incredible success and zero issues.  Right now, while I am typing this I am listening to music on Insignia speakers.  I have heard these Altec speakers in action, and I might pick them up as well.  These speakers literally connect in about 20 seconds.  Incidentally, put some music on your iPad or iPod and hook up to the aux port to create an inviting climate before, after, and during breaks in your presentation!  Music is highly engaging!



I prefer the 9.7 iPad Pro.  This video is about the larger version, but all of the features shared here are present (minus the dimensions!) in the smaller version.



Bring Your Status to the Next Level


Either set of these speakers would make a tremendous gift along with the projector and the pointer!  For all of my presentations, I also use a laptop, but the need for it is getting less and less.  Check out these 5 presentation tools for outstanding engagement and bring your sales, your presentation and your status to the next level!

By the way, coming soon I will be sharing some really worthwhile applications and sites!



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Homework Points

  1. Did you buy a calendar yet?
  2. Have you tested out voice memos?
  3. Being a presenter is being an influencer!