Lesson 25: 5 New Realities For The New Year

by | Dec 31, 2016

5 New Realities For The New Year

5 New Realities For The New Year


Many people consider December 31st as the end of the year.  This is a problem because it nurtures an idea in your head that is overtly negative.  December 31st poses at least 5 new realities for the new year that everyone should apply.  These 5 perspectives offer a new way to look at the year that was and the year that will be coming.  As you read these five new realities, which ones offer you the best way to move forward?  Apply them.  Share them with others.  Be amazing.


5 New Realities on December 31st and Beyond:


Reality #1:  Beginning of a New Year


This one seems obvious to most, but I often hear people say, “Ah, it’s a New Year” with a sense of dread in their voice.  It is almost as if they do not have the energy and determination to tackle another year.  I think this approach can create a sense of apathy and lack of engagement.  Engage.  Put the past behind you and resolve to tackle the New Year with passion and purpose.


Beginning of a New Year

Reality #1: Beginning of a New Year



Reality #2:  Beginning of New Light


In the United States, the winter solstice is officially on Wednesday, December 21st.  For many this is the longest day of the year with the least amount of light.  However, immediately following December 21st the days get incrementally brighter and brighter.  There is a continual progression, a beginning of new light each and every day.  I think this is a profound analogy for your life this year.  Day by day get better and better.  Day by day have a brighter and better attitude.  When you apply this analogy to your life you will make remarkable strides.  Sunset on Captiva Island below, awesome!


Beginning of New Light

Reality #2: Beginning of New Light



Reality #3:  Beginning of a New Perspective


December 31st is the beginning not the end.  Apply the power of perspective.  Make a determined paradigm shift in your mind that no matter what your circumstances are that you will choose to be happy.  This does not mean that you will love your job or love not having a job.  It simply means that as you go through your day that you will have a positive countenance.  You will make plans and you will get better, but live in day tight compartments to make the most of your life.


Beginning of a New Perspective

Reality #3: Beginning of a New Perspective


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Reality #4:  Beginning of a New Purpose


Goals.  I could not leave this one out.  If you have no target to shoot at, then you most certainly will not hit it.  What are you aiming for? In your life?  In your vocation?  In your relationships?  In your physical development?  In your spiritual development?  With your family?  In your mental development?  Make goals.  Write them down.  Implement steps every single day!


Beginning of a New Purpose

Reality #4: Beginning of a New Purpose



Reality #5:  Beginning of a New Path


This reality is a cousin of the one above, but with a very distinct difference.  Reality #4 is all about writing and implementing strategies to accomplish both long and short term goals.  Beginning of a new path is all about making a choice.  Will you choose to hang out with a new friend who is a better influence than your other friends?  Will you choose to smile at every person your encounter throughout your day?  Will you choose to embrace your partner before you go to work and when you arrive home?  Sometimes these questions can be written as goals, but often, they are just simple and profound choices that may take your life down a completely new and better path.


Beginning of a New Path

Reality #5: Beginning of a New Path

Homework Points

  1. What is your current reality?
  2. What ‘Amazing’ item captured you?
  3. What ‘Reality’ will you follow?