Lesson 9: 3 Splendid Suggestions to Add Humor

by | Jun 11, 2016


3 Random Suggestions to Add Humor



Have Fun With The Following Suggestions


Obviously, my sense of humor and your sense of humor may very well be completely different.  Trust me, I am outrageously funny.  I thought that you might appreciate some random suggestions to add humor to your life.  I have included 3 random areas: movies, comedians, and games.  You pick.  I have included a little bit of additional information for some of the specific areas. Have fun reading and following the suggestions!

Enjoy!  Laugh on!


Suggestion One: 21 Humorous Movies


      1.  What About Bob (2000).  This movie stars Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.  Do I need to say any more?!  

  1. Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014).  This movie with Steve Carrel is really quite good.  It is an outstanding fall back movie if you have young guests and you are not sure what to watch.  Clean and very funny.

  1. Kicking and Screaming (2005).  This is a clean Will Ferrell movie.  I liked it.  There are some other big names in this movie, including former football coach, Mike Ditka.

  1. Shrek (2001).  The original Shrek is a classic.  It spurred a whole new genre of adultish infused kid movies.  Really.  When it was originally recommended to me by two friends, we saw it over Gladiator.  I went back by myself a few days later, and saw Gladiator!

  1. Zoolander (2001).  This movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson pokes fun of the fashion industry.  It is very funny, but I would watch it without kids.

  2. Dumb and Dumber (1994).  This original movie with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels some people cannot stand.  They are so wrong.  This movie is hilarious.  Totally a classic.

  1. Despicable Me II (2013).  Yes – this is a kid’s movie.  Sit down and watch it with them sometime.  You will be amazed at how quickly the time goes by.  It is very entertaining.

  1. The In-Laws (2003).  This movie with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks, I think is better than the previous effort.  Funny movie.

  1. Old Dogs (2009). There are a couple scenes in this movie that literally make me cry because I am laughing so hard.  I think with a little more effort, they could have made it even more humorous.

  1. Elf (2003).  It’s cute.

  1. Home Alone (1980).  The original Home Alone is a tremendously funny movie, especially if you like seeing people get bashed in the head with a brick. 

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993).  There are some very funny scenes in this movie.  One of Robin William’s best performances.

  1. The Parent Trap (1998).  I think the original is just as good, but this one is funny, as well.

  1. Princess Bride (1987).  I actually do not like this movie.  However, it seems like everyone else on this planet does.  And, while I am not enamored by it, I still use many of the lines from it!

  1. Cheaper By the Dozen (2003).  Good movie.  Steve Martin did a really nice job in this movie.

  1. Pacifier (2005).  I know how can a Vin Diesel movie be funny?  You will see …

  1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987).  Years ago, I literally fell off of the couch laughing.  Beware though, there are a couple scenes where the “F” word is used very generously.  Steve Martin and John Candy.

  1. Groundhog Day (1993).  Either people love this movie or they tend to hate it.  Obviously, I love it.  The concept is so fun.  And, ironically, I like the movie, but cannot stand, Andie MacDowell.

  1. City Slickers (1991).  Great cast.  Really good movie.

  1. Blades of Glory (2007).  Sorry, yet another Will Ferrell movie.  This one has Jon Heder, the guy from Napolean Dynamite.  It is a funny movie.

  1. Trading Places (1983).  This movie with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd is a classic.  I have been using lines from this movie for a long time.  It is the only rated R movie in this amazing list!

Add Humor

Add Humor



Suggestion Two:  15 Clean Stand-Up Comedians


  1. Jeff Allen
  2. Jim Gaffigan
  3. Brian Regan.  This guy is really, really good.  My favorite from this list! 
  4. Jenna Kim Jones
  5. Ryan Hamilton
  6. Matt Jernigan
  7. Bill Engvall
  8. Henry Cho
  9. Greg Hahn
  10. David Ferrell
  11. Ray Romano
  12. Tim Hawkins.  I saw Tim in concert.  He is completely nuts!  So fun!
  13. Ellen Degeneres.  I am not a fan of Ellen, but her comedy is tremendous!
  14. Gallagher
  15. Terry Fator





Suggestion Three: 12 Funny Games to Play


  1. What Are You Doing?  Two people play this game at a time.  The first acts out something like riding a bike.  Then, the second person asks, ‘What are you doing?’  Then, the person acting says someone completely different than what they are doing.  For example, instead of replying, ‘Riding a bike.’  They might say, ‘Checking someone’s head for lice.’  Then, the person who asked the question has to act out that statement.  And so on.
  1. Charades.  You know this game.  It is still fun.  Write your own clues and put them in a hat or jar.  If you have little kids, write clues for them, and put their initials on the back of the clues so they select the right one for them.
  1. Bubble Talk.  This is a great game.  One of my very favorites.  It is well worth the investment.
  1. Apples to Apples.  I love this game as well, but like any games, it makes a huge difference who you play it with.  I have played this with a person who is way too literal and no fun – it made it a little more challenging!
  1. Wits and Wagers.  New discovery.  Good game.
  1. Pictionary.  It is still a great party game.  Instead of markers, try it sometime with acrylic paints and an easel!
  1. Catch Phrase.  Fun.  Totally easy.
  1. The Bag Game.  This is a made up family game from years ago.  Lots of ways to do it.  Create a few categories like things that start with a letter ‘s,’ things you might find around a yard, things you might see at the beach.  Then, have each participant write a certain number of clues/words on slips of paper for those categories (sasquatch, a sprinkler, nudity).  Fold those papers in half and throw into a paper lunch bag!  Give each person a minute to give clues to the person to their right or left, etc.  Grab words from the bag and see how many each person can guess.  The person with the most points wins!  Very simple!  Very easy to create in a pinch.  Try it!
  1. Balderdash/Dictionary Game.  Buy the game or grab a dictionary!  Pick a word from the dictionary that nobody will know, including the picker.  The picker writes the word and the correct definition on a piece of paper or index card.  The other players write the word and their made up version of their definition of the word.  The cards are collected by the person who picked the word, and each definition is read aloud to the group.  Then, each player votes for the definition that he or she thinks is the correct definition.  If nobody picks the correct definition, then the word picker gets 2 points.  Whoever votes for other player’s definition, then those players whose definition was voted for, gets those points.  Take turns passing around the dictionary.  This is a great game!
  1. Glow Stick Night.  My kids have loved this for years!  Buy a 10 pack of glow sticks.  Give each person an equal amount.  Then, play hide and seek in the dark – duh!   The seeker can use her glow sticks to help her find the people hiding.  My kids like to chuck their glow sticks into different rooms as decoys.  This game helps us get through the winter!  But, it is no less fun in the summer with air conditioning.
  1. Would You Rather.  Good game.  Buy it.
  1. Spoons.  Kids love it.  Adults not as much …


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These are three wonderfully unique categories that you can use to add some laughter and humor to your life beginning today.  Isn’t that exciting?  It should be.  Take action and plan for humor, levity, and fun.  I will continue to research and will add more suggestions and ideas to all of these three areas as the months roll on.

I really hope that they help you balance and lead a more passionate life!


The goal in life is to die young — as late as possible!


Add Humor to Your Life

Add Humor to Your Life





Homework Points

  1. What test resonates the most with you?
  2. What movie suggestion are you going to watch?  What would you add?
  3. Did you like the Tim Hawkins video?