Lesson 33: 3 More Tenable Tests of a Life Filled With Character

by | Apr 22, 2017

3 More Tenable Tests of a Life Filled With Character

3 More Tenable Tests of a Life Filled With Character



Tenable Test Three: The Words We Use Test


Our character can manifest itself immediately by the words we use. It can be that simple. Unfortunately, it seems as if there are fewer and fewer people who guard their mouth. It is not just profanity that we are talking about here. No, it is much deeper than that. I am talking about gossip, slander, negativity, slang, word choice – all these have to do with the words we say.

It seems like few people have a verbal filter. We have adopted new words for swear words as if they are perfectly acceptable. Even though, everyone knows full well what the real swear word is that is being replaced. This new acceptable pervasiveness of bad words is evident in morning children’s cartoons, commercials, and big time during prime time television. What is acceptable on original PBS and Netflix shows used to be totally out of bounds.

How carefully do you watch your words? Do you use your words for good? Do you build others up? Do you show discernment? Wisdom?  Do you pass tenable test #3?


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Tenable Test Four: The Kindness Test


Form the habit of saying or doing something every day which will make someone else feel better. How often are you genuinely kind to others? Do you wait to have something done for you? Do you go out of your way to be kind to others? The truth is little things do make a major difference. That $5 mocha you bought your secretary made a difference. That note you wrote to your spouse before he went to his second shift job, mattered. That chocolate and note you put in your child’s lunch mattered.

What would happen if you were kind to someone totally new? What would those ripple effects look like?  Do you pass tenable test #4?




Tenable Test Five: The Actions Test


The phrase actions speak louder than words is true. Words are highly important, as was previously shared. Words can cut you to the bone and should never be discounted. Walk your talk. People will judge you or evaluate you on all of these tests, but this one, test five, will win them over the quickest and can reveal your deep character the most.

People can forgive a situation gone wrong, a bad day, swearing, and even rudeness. However, if they see that person who wronged them being remorseful and doing something to make amends or redeem themselves, then all could be righted. For example, if I promise to keep my commitments, but I never do – I have failed the actions test. If I promise to show up on time, but I never do – I have failed the actions test. If I promise to have a special weekend, but because it rained, I do nothing – I have failed the actions test.


The 5 Tenable Test and Traits Quiz

  1. What recent adversity did you face, and how did you fare on a scale of 1-10?
  2. What are you addicted to? What positive addictions will you create to help you face adversity with character?
  3. How consistent are your daily moods?
  4. What habits can you form to help you begin each day with a consistent and kind demeanor?
  5. Are you a gossip?
  6. Is your lack of character revealed through the words you use? What are you going to do about it?
  7. Who did you compliment today? Was it genuine?
  8. What daily habit can you create to show your kindness towards others?
  9. Are you a person of your word? Why not?
  10. What action steps will you create to build stronger character?


Evaluate The Level of Your Character

There is a lot of information here that you can use to evaluate the level of your character. What test are you weaker in? What are you going to do about? It would be amazing if you were rock solid in all five of the tests and traits. Then, perhaps, you can gently share these ideas with others. Maybe, they will make a difference in their life and you can begin to amass for yourself friends, family, and colleagues who exhibit heightened degrees of character.

Character matters.  Make a positive difference in the lives of others.



5 Simple Tests To Reveal Your Character

In research on character, I have discovered 5 tenable tests to reveal your character. Use these to assess your own level of character or to analyze someone else.

Homework Points

  1. How do you handle adversity?
  2. What positive addictions do you  have?
  3. Who are you helping?