Lesson 34: 3 Incredibly Worthwhile, Must Have Presentation Tools

by | Apr 27, 2017

3 Incredibly Worthwhile, Must Have Presentation Tools

3 Incredibly Worthwhile, Must Have Presentation Tools




3 Must Have Presentation Tools


Must have presentation tools?  Yes – I’m sorry, but hang in there, these suggestions really apply to a much broader audience.  For example, a really good projector used to cost over $500.  Now, you can pick up an excellent projector for about $100, and all you need really is a white wall (and the necessary adapter cords).  So, please follow along and check out these 3 incredibly worthwhile, must have presentation tools.



3 Must Have Presentation Tools



  1. DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector.  I have taught hundreds of people and have done presentations for over 16 years, an incredible projector is a must have presentation tool.  When I have relied on the site to provide one, occasionally, there has been a snag.  I do not enjoy snags when I am presenting.  This projector the DBPOWER T20 is a recent discovery.  It is so light and the images are crystal clear.  Hook up your iPad to it or your camera, and ‘Wow’ your audience with gorgeous, clear pictures, slideshows, and videos.
  2. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System.   These really rock!  Totally worthwhile for so many applications! I have hooked up speakers to a laptop for years for my presentations.  What a massive difference incredible sound quality makes!  Even the Insignia and Altec Lansing are quite good.  I save the box and pack the speakers back in the box and bring to my venues.  The setup for any of these speakers systems is literally two minutes.  Play background music as people are filing into the room.  Play music as an icebreaker and have people ‘mingle to music.’  When the music stops, their nearest neighbor becomes their partner for a reflective question.  I have used my computer as the main source of music for many, many years.  I know most of the Disney princess music by heart!  Traditionally, Klipsch is higher end.  For the price, this system is a must have presentation tool for work, school, or home.
  3. Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.  This pencil is an incredibly worthwhile, must have presentation tool for the iPad.  Certainly, it is vital for any artsy applications.  But, way beyond that, I use with a whiteboard app to welcome my audience.  I use the Apple Pencil to put up quotes or comments from various people during breaks or conversation starters.  There is something more intimate and special about hand written words and phrases that transcends typeface.



A World of Difference


Alright, so I don’t want to be too preachy, but at least, pick up some speakers!  You will not regret it.  The graduate level courses I teach almost always fill to capacity both because I am highly professional and also very genuine.  These tools have made a world of difference!  These tools have made a major difference in my personal life as well!  I promise if you pick them up that will make a difference for you, as well!



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Homework Points

  1. Did you get an iPad?  You should!
  2. Good speakers change everything!
  3. Projectors are really affordable now – worth picking up!