Lesson 5: 29 Random Strategies to Add Spontaneity to Your Life

by | May 7, 2016

Be Spontaneous

29 Random Strategies to add Spontaneity to Your Life 


Consider the Follow Strategies 


  1. Make a meal together
  2. Throw down a blanket and have a picnic in your living room
  3. Go to a park and take a walk
  4. Feed the ducks or geese
  5. Go to a fancy restaurant and just order dessert
  6. Have a cookout in the middle of winter
  7. Organize a progressive dinner with family or friends (appetizers at one house, salad at another)
  8. Take a random drive
  9. Buy cards and send one a week for a month to someone you care about
  10. Tuck your children in bed and draw letters on their back
  11. Get up extra early one day and bake cinnamon rolls for a regular school day
  12. Go visit someone who does not deserve your time
  13. Get flowers for your daughters just because you love them
  14. Create a fun music playlist for a long drive or a vacation
  15. Have a dinner and game night
  16. Give a random stranger (an adult) a high five
  17. Offer to take someone’s groceries out to their car
  18. Bake cookies for your neighbors for no special reason
  19. Pick your kids up from school and take them out to ice cream
  20. Write a positive message in the sand with your toes
  21. Bring a treat for your coworkers, even if you do not like them
  22. Play James Brown’s, I Feel Good, first thing in the morning
  23. Take a cooking class with someone
  24. Fly a kite
  25. Try a completely different beverage
  26. Write an affirming note or love note for someone
  27. Watch a hilarious movie
  28. Give your children a few dollars to spend at a supermarket
  29. Block out a night just to stay home and be together


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Get smart!  Be spontaneous!  Have some fun!




Homework Points

  1. Which of the strategies are you going to try?
  2. What strategies of your own do you have?
  3. Share your strategies with others! Including us! 
  4. Send us an email.