Lesson 37: 23 Incredibly Sweet Jamming Tunes For Father’s Day

by | Jun 3, 2017

23 Incredibly Sweet Jamming Tunes

23 Incredibly Sweet Jamming Tunes for Father’s Day



Jamming Tunes For Father’s Day and Beyond


I would like to share with you 23 incredibly sweet jamming tunes for Father’s Day and beyond.  Pretty cool yes?  There is something really powerful about music.  Jamming tunes in the car.  Jamming tunes while working out.  Jamming tunes while cleaning the garage! Quiet music for writing.  Quiet music for relaxing and dancing. I could get lost listening to music for hours.  I even researched the power of music and its effects on attitude and achievement.  


My discovery was that music had a major impact on changing attitude for the positive.  Music matters.  Anyway, I have compiled a short list of musical suggestions that I believe you will really appreciate.  And, while I actually like some really hard core jamming metal tunes, I have not included any in this list.  Nor, have I included country or much pop music.


Can you even imagine a gift of 23 albums and speakers to go with them!



23 Incredibly Sweet Jamming Tunes (In No Particular Order):



  1. Craig Chaciquo (Panorama).  Great for a cookout!  Nice background music with no words.
  2. Jesse Cook (Gravity).  Acoustic guitarist.  Very fun!
  3. Joe Satriani (Surfing With The Alien).  Electric guitarist.  Powerful.  Nice for a workout or background music for a slideshow.
  4. Beatles (Sergeant Pepper).  Classic.
  5. Beach Boys (Very Best Of/Endless Summer).  Classic.  Fun.
  6. Tom Petty (Full Moon Fever).  Easily his best album.
  7. Prince (Purple Rain).  Trendy!  But, it is still a good album.
  8. R.E.M. (Automatic For The People/Reckoning).  Mellower.  Originally, they were a college band.
  9. The Who (Greatest Hits).  1970’s band.
  10. Bob Marley and The Wailers (Greatest Hits).  Reggae.  Cookout!
  11. The Clash (Sandinista).  Listen.
  12. Boston (Boston).  1970’s power band.
  13. The Fray (How To Save a Life).  Easy to listen to in the office or in mixed company.
  14. Kings of Leon (Walls).  Love the bass guitar.
  15. U2 (The Joshua Tree/Achtung Baby).  Great, great albums – Boy – is pretty good too!
  16. Rush (The Spirit of Radio).  Greatest Hits.  Impressive collection.
  17. Seabird (Rocks Into Rivers).  Never heard of them?  You should!
  18. NEEDTOBREATHE (The Heat).  Music with a message.  Exceptional band.
  19. The Blues Brothers (Soundtrack).
  20. The Legend of Bagger Vance (Soundtrack).
  21. Kate and Leopold (Soundtrack).
  22. Guardians of the Galaxy (Soundtrack).
  23. Norah Jones (Come Away With Me).  Insane voice.  Great for a quiet dinner date.



23 Incredibly Sweet Jamming Tunes For Father’s Day and Beyond.  U2 (The Joshua Tree).



So Many Other Options


Alright, I hope that you enjoy this tiny sampling!  I know some of you may be screaming, “Come on man, you left off so many other options!”  Of course, I did.  This is just the beginning.  Happy listening!



Jamming Tunes Need Jamming Speakers


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Homework Points

  1. Did you order a leather satchel?
  2. What is your favorite from these 23?
  3. What speakers do you own?