Lesson 19: 10 Ridiculous Traits of Influential People

by | Oct 8, 2016

10 Ridiculous Traits of Influential People

10 Traits of Ridiculously Influential People



Become More Amazing


Joshua Chamberlain, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Gandhi, Betty Ford,  Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Melinda Gates, Martin Luther King Jr., these people have lead extraordinary lives and accomplished extraordinary things (and, continue to as well).  Do they possess traits that you and I do not?  If you were to acquire one or more of these traits, would you be more powerful and influential?  Follow the 10 traits of ridiculously influential people and become a more powerful you.  Remember, I write for you.  Take the information, apply it, and become more amazing.


Extraordinary people do not necessary have all the traits listed below.  However, they tend to possess ridiculous amounts of several which make their accomplishments tremendous.  What do you think of these 10?  What is missing? 



10 Traits



How do you become a more powerful and influential you?  How do you become more like Chamberlain?  Gates?  Practically, which of the above traits do you really possess?  No, I mean really.  You cannot be driven just for a week.  You cannot be happy one day and a total jerk the next.  Being kind to others should become a way of life.  Being ridiculously selfless is tough to do.



Weave One Trait Into the Fiber of Your Being


Start by consistently applying just one of the 10 traits of ridiculously influential people for at least one month.  Evaluate.  Ask people.  Was my attitude consistently positive and affirming this month?  Was I kind this month?  Make an honest assessment and then make the necessary tweaks.  I would work on one of these over and over for several months, until the trait is virtually woven into the fiber of your being.  Make this way of life a habit and you are bound to become a more amazing you than you ever thought possible!



The Power of Forgiveness



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10 Traits of Ridiculously Influential People

Follow the 10 Traits of Ridiculously Influential People and change your life for the better! Get off of the bleachers and into the game of life.




Homework Points

  1. What can you learn from Joshua Chamberlain?
  2. Which Ridiculous Trait do you possess?
  3. Which Ridiculous Trait will you develop?