It's time to light the spark of learning!

This page, assorted links and ideas are the cornerstones of what I do. From a myriad of recommendations, top ten lists, writings, quotes, poems, stories, audio files, and more I want to share fantastic lessons.

Lesson 1

Why do we always seem to wait? We wait until we get healthier. We wait until we get a better job. We wait until our spouse gets his/her life together.

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Lesson 2

I hope you understand that I am no expert on mastering the keys to a good life. For one thing, we all have our own definition as to what constitutes a “good” life.

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Lesson 3

Most Olympic athletes create yearly workout routines, and plan for reaching specific performance goals up to four years out. They often sacrifice years of their high school or college social life because their training schedule is so intense and requires such focus.

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Lesson 4

People who have achieved a level of greatness and those that are resilient have learned how to reframe their mistakes.


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Lesson 5

Consider the following 29 strategies to add spontaneity to your life!

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Lesson 6

Lemmings do not take a beautiful, less traveled path; they take one common, well-worn road.  Lemmings tend to follow the lead of the very first one.  Do not be a lemming.

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Lesson 7

Many weeks ago, you were introduced to the idea of Seek Wisdom, Never Stop Learning.  I think that notion is a perfect antidote to garbage in, garbage out.

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Lesson 8

Character makes a difference on being a person who leaves a positive legacy.  At the end of each day, you know that your mirror will reveal your character.

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Lesson 9

Trust me, I am outrageously funny.  I thought that you might appreciate some random suggestions to add humor to your life.  I have included 3 random areas: movies, comedians, and games. 

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Lesson 10

A long term negative questioning approach could lead to a lemminglike life.  A long term positive questioning view could help you become an outlier, capable of great things.

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Lesson 11

This realization has made me ponder many times how I would like to be remembered.  Is it possible to be remembered for centuries?  That would be so very sweet.

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Lesson 12

And, while organizations are made up of people, here in Lesson 12, I want to hone in more acutely on  how adding value to the lives of others can make a considerable difference and change lives.

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Lesson 13

This is why I was so adamant about what I wrote in regards to seeking wisdom  in Blog 2, and even more important, the concept of garbage in and garbage out in Blog 7.  You have ridiculous and crazy power to affect your life and lives of others through your words.

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Lesson 14

When ego and pride get in the way, we have a tendency to try to go solo, but that is unwise.  Ultimately, you will be far wiser when you share your thinking with others.

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Lesson 15

If you want something bad enough you will work at it even when times get tough.  Your purpose will often drive your persistence.

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Lesson 16

All this has heightened my awareness of something that I have been doing for a while in my profession – slideshows.  I would like to share with you 3 outstanding ways to create slideshows.

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Lesson 17

Trust through uncompromising character is the best way to quickly gain trust and, more importantly, to keep it.  It is very difficult to trust someone whose attitude constantly changes.

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Lesson 18

We live in a stressed out world.  It seems that everywhere you look, people are harried, hurried, and stressed.  And, even those folks who appear to be thriving are melting down.  The understanding of where your physical, mental, and spiritual gauges are at is a powerful perspective on balancing your life.

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Lesson 19

Follow the 10 traits of ridiculously influential people and become a more powerful you.  Remember, I write for you.  Take the information, apply it, and become more amazing.

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Lesson 20

The reality is that the most critical step you can take towards achieving a passionate, purposeful, and successful life is to learn how to control your attitude.  You need to learn how to control your attitude or it will control you.

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Lesson 21

5 Fantastic Must Read Leadership Books:


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Lesson 22

Now then, amazing people dare to be different for the right reasons and in the right ways.  They don’t just talk about taking risks, they actually do it.  They know that they need to have an emotional backbone to take the inevitable onslaught of people attacking their ideas and their passions.

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