Be a Person of Uncommon Attraction


Electrify Like An Electron


Amazing people electrify like an electron!  An atom is made up of positively charged protons, no charge neutrons, and negatively charged electrons.  Although, the strongest electrons are located closest to the nucleus of an atom, the electrons on the outermost ring are responsible for attracting oppositely charged protons and forming a chemical bond.


Electrons capture attention.  Electrons create significant change.  Electrons stand out.  You need to electrify like an electron.  Dare to be different.  Dare to capture attention.  Dare to create a conflagration of change.  Amazing people electrify like an electron. 



Desperately Seeking People


Years ago when I was in college I remember how desperately some people looked for others to sit by in the dining halls.  I would watch as individuals would walk between the three different areas constantly looking for friends and acquaintances to join.  They could not bear the thought of sitting alone.  What would people think of them? 



Elle McPherson Supermodel


While I enjoyed hanging out with my wing buddies, if I did not immediately see anyone, I would sit down and eat.  Sometimes, I would join a new group, and sometimes, I would eat alone and start my own table.  One day out of the blue I received a phone call from a young woman who turned out to be rather attractive.  My friends called her, Elle, after Elle McPherson former supermodel.  Turns out, she was interested in me because I appeared different than everybody else.  I captured her attention and stood out from the others.


 Amazing people electrify like an electron.


From time to time, when we are out as a family I will embarrass one or all of my kids.  I mean, it is a parent prerogative after all.  In addition to embarrassing them, I am also trying to teach them not be so consumed by what other people may think of them.  Living for others or for someone else’s perceived judgement of you is a surefire recipe for insecurity and lack of confidence. 



Don’t Be Vanilla


Being neutral and being vanilla is exactly what the rest of the world wants you to be like.  If you are electric you will stand out more.  You will be more attractive.  You will capture attention and promote significant change.  Dare to be different.



Amazing people electrify like an electron!



Smart, Fun and Attractive


Imagine it is a hot day in the middle of summer.  A nicely tanned, chiseled handsome younger man enters a crowded resort pool area.  There are a few kids in the shallow section of the pool.  There are other kids watching, sitting next to their parents on lounge chairs, and bunch of other mature adults sun tanning and relaxing around the pool.  The handsome dude finds a chair, sets his towel and book down, and proceeds to walk to the edge of the diving board.  A sheepish grin crosses his face, and he yells and makes a huge cannonball splash.  He swims to the opposite end of the pool winks at the three kids in the water, climbs out, finds his chair, sits and begins to read The Wright Brothers by David McCullough.  What do you think that the single women who were watching him are thinking?  I think they might be thinking that he is smart, fun, and attractive. 


What if a beautiful woman and her high school son stood at the edge of the same pool, and in unison counted down, and leapt into the pool making dual cannonball splashes.  What would people think?  What a cool mom!  How fun! 

Be a person of uncommon attraction by daring to be different, daring to be kind, daring to take appropriate risks and daring to stand out.  Stand out for the right reasons.  Be a person of uncommon attraction by being uncommonly kind, uncommonly polite, uncommonly composed and neatly dressed, uncommonly joyful, passionate and purposeful.  Be attractive for the right reasons and you will electrify!


Be a Person of Uncommon Attraction

Be a person of uncommon attraction. Draw people to you and become a person of incredible influence.



Amazing people electrify like an electron!


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